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ArsDigita: Shaved Box Live!
Mis: :)
Guest_8809: Do we have to re-register? Or did I forget my password?
Sabiancym: Yep, had to re-register. Cool.
Sabiancym: I can't run Payday 2 very well either...played the demo. So I doubt I'll be playing.
ArsDigita: Oooops, passed out with the site open, but yes, gotta re-register unfortunatly, whole new server
ArsDigita: and that sucks about Payday Sab....
ArsDigita: I did do a bit of research o thier engine, it is a proprietary one
Sabiancym: Can't play, but I can be Charlie and you can be my angels. I'll give you missions but you'll never see me. Someone may have to be Bosley.
Guest_4638: test


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