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Nebaf: LOL, that was quick
Mayge Stardrifter: lololololol
Sabiancym: I'm not dead. Long story.
ArsDigita: Our vent host is upgrading soon, there will be a mandatory ip change :/
Mis: The change will happen on Monday. I will update info when I get it
Mayge Stardrifter: Sabian, is this why you haven't been around?:http://www.polygon.com/2014/11/3/7149137/league-of-legends-pro-player-retires-to-stream
Mayge Stardrifter: «link»
Nebaf: Or maybe he was captured by boogeymen?
Lachrymator: Maybe its the harrowing story of how he pushed the power button?
oblan: payday tonight
Lachrymator: Read this thread it is funny as fucking hell «link»
Lachrymator: It's Rekall worthy
Nebaf: LOL
Nebaf: That game any good still? From quickly browsing the forums it looks like a shitshow
Lachrymator: Well whiners will whine its had its bugs, the Aururia launch was a shitshow when a bug popped up and most people couldn't log in and trion didn't catch it in time to shut the servers down
myikul: Guys, I have been holding the old Valley location on Bloodfin for you guys if you wanted to come back and have been asked by players if you were ever going to come back and use it because others would like to establish a city there. Please let me know if I should save it or give it up.
Guest_3333: Anybody look into Assasin's Creed Unity yet? Co-op! Looks kinda fun. Last day for preorder today, I think.
Mis: Ventrilo IP change:
Huma: Thanks!
oblan: «link» for nebaf
Nebaf: Thanks myikul, but you can give it up. We're never going back to that server
myikul: "So it is said, so it shall be done."
valinar: The repopulation's technical Alpha is promising
Darkanian: «link» For you Giants fans
Darkanian: «link» this works too
Nebaf: You're a dirty slut whore
Nebaf: «link»
Darkanian: «link» That is the sandiest dude I've ever seen
Nebaf: Holy shit, that guy should know better that pissing off 100K nerds (who have plenty of time on their hands due to the queues) is a really bad idea lol
Nebaf: *than
Guest_9246: anyone play destiny ps4? -zip
Kaine: *poke*
myikul: JTL is coming :)
GRIMM: anyone alive out there?
myikul: Holy shit its Grimm!
Lachrymator: I was playing Destiny Zipper but now I'm mainly playing Archeage


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