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Sabiancym: H1Z1 looks awesome. It's what DayZ would be if it wasn't made by a bunch of hacks. DayZ is vaporware. H1Z1 looks like something we'd be in to. Build your own bases, burn others down. Looks awesome.
Sabiancym: Plus smed said crafting is the deepest he's ever seen.
Kaine: Not to mention that Sony has the solid financial record to back it. I am not getting my hopes up though...
Guest_4928: woof
Marcinko: I dont trust anything Smedley says, period, They guy screwed up two good games, SWG and DCUO. Sony would do well to fire him. If you watch the gameplay, this is nothing more than a hack of DayZ and RUST put together. So we shall see, will definitely play if its a good game, but Im not holding my breath.
Lachrymator: I'm going with Marcinko take it all with a grain of salt.Looks better then Dayz Z but its just a player grab is all it is, Sony saw the hype of Day Z and they jumped on the wagon and having more money will drop a better product (maybe). But anything Smed talks about makes me nervous just like Mcquaid makes me nervous.
Sabiancym: DayZ SA is a player grab. That game will never reach "Release quality." It's vaporware.
Lachrymator: I think SA's biggest issue is Dean Hall and the best thing that could happen to it is for him to leave quickly with the door hitting him in the ass on the way out, things would get done alot faster.
Lachrymator: Theres more then a few zombie survival games out now and Sonys plan is to grab all their players and milk them dry of their cash.
Lachrymator: and how can you call it vaporware considering the game can be bought and it does exist vaporware doesn't exist at all.
Marcinko: I hope it's a good game, really do. I know several streamers want it to be good to. I just find it funny Smedley mentioned as comparison Rust and DayZ. The play footage looks very similar to Rust and DayZ, so I dont know. DayZ is in Alpha, if they continue like Arma 3 it will get alot better. Arma 3 is now complete and a very good game, the mods are awesome too.
Marcinko: DayZ is not built to be a persistent MMO, it also difficult becuase of spawns and gear, but Free to play scares me with H1Z1, so MMO sounds good, but pay to win sucks, and you know SOE is going to make money, so alot of unknowns at this time
Lachrymator: Exactly
Lachrymator: Wow comcast just dropped another free speed increase went from 50Mbps down to 105 Mbps
Lachrymator: err up to over 105 i should say still need more coffee
Marcinko: They called me last week and we did a long phone interview. Im apparently showing a ton of usage, too much Twitch I guess, and they said they were looking at upping the packages and availability for gamers
Marcinko: here Sabian, check it out, «link»
Marcinko: Lirik interviews SOE guy ^ on twitch
Marcinko: DayZ can be fun, come watch and see, just went live, «link»
Sabiancym: When Dayz adds vehicles, I'll play again. And I call it vaporware because they released it in "Alpha" and the progress has been mind numbingly slow. I check the patch notes and every couple of weeks they add a pair of pants and fix .01% of the bugs. I have trouble believing that it'll ever be what they it will be. They've even come out and say that it won't get out of Alpha until at least Q4 2014.
Marcinko: I dont know if you watched Liriks interview, but the guy said they are copying DayZ combat, and very similar to rust crafting. Also planetside, took a big hit with their online store pay to win model. So I hope I am wrong, but it sounds like a Sony cash grab on the genre, nothing more.
Nebaf: Maaaayge
Marcinko: If anyone is interested in checking out Archeage, Lirik and Bikeman 2 popular twitch streamers will be playing tonight and leveling. Check Twitch about 7pm or so if you want
Sabiancym: I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur. Curt Schilling's game. It's pretty good.
mayge: Sorry about last night. Weather knocked out internet. Also sorry to say I will be out of town for work this week. Loot some stuff for me homies.
Lachrymator: Kingdoms of Amalur was a damn good game, I mean they reskinned it to the Amalur story line but it was damn good too bad the mmo exploded like a meteorite over tunguska.
Nebaf: Well... shit. We will miss you and your saw Mayge
warfare: woof
Marcinko: Bikeman, and Lirk are streaming Archeage again, this is bikes stream, you can find Lirik on twitch if you want to watch his, they are all in tmspk together, «link»
Lachrymator: I watched a bit I wouldn't mind getting a small taste of Archeage I been watching it for awhile now since before it was released in Korea, I just hope they don't go the same route they did in Korea the last patch pissed off alot of people.
Kaine: lol, that sounds like a game that we all played already :)
Kaine: Archeages game dynamics are by far the best I have ever seen in an mmorpg. I mean even the pvp is very interactive and intense from the pvp videos I have seen. I doubt I could even play just because of the graphics requirement without having to upgrade my machine. All the flying around, flipping, teleporting, mass battles etc.
Darkanian: We'll see how it goes now that it's beign introduced to western audiences. It alreayd went free to play in asia but they also aren't hgue fans of sandbox games
Marcinko: Im going to see if I can pull some strings to get in Alpha or Beta. Trion claims thy are going to keep it as sandbox as possible. They also want it to be heavily geared towards crafting and trade player commerce. So time will tell. Also tomorrow is the confirmed Live stream for H1Z1, so be sure to check it out also
Kaine: I hope H1Z1 is great. I plan on shoving Nebaf into a herd of zombies while I make a break for it!
Kaine: :P


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