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Guest_1853: The new South park is about video streamers...lol
Guest_1853: And re: overclocking, not worth the risk and increase of bsod's imho
Guest_1853: spend the cooling $ on a better vid card
Guest_8843: woof
Guest_6738: oblan likes doods
oblan: never
Guest_5038: Thanks for the help on the OCing smarties, I decided against! :) It would have been w/ liquid cooled but since I wasn't sure about the switching back/forth and wary about the increased risk.. <3
Guest_3203: woof
Guest_3203: this is warfare...do i have to re-register to get back into vent? i keep getting bounced out. i'll accept "yup joo is still a noob"
Nebaf: The IP changed: «link»
Nebaf: If the IP is correct and you still can't connect, try a different username with the default password
oblan: so lonely in vent
Guest_7151: <3 The Hobbit. I totally cried at the end. If you didn't, you have no soul. :)
ArsDigita: Detroit > Chicago
ArsDigita: Go Lions
Lachrymator: Anyone picked up the Repopulation yet?
Nebaf: It launched?
Lachrymator: Steam early access
Darkanian: I'm thinking about it
Lachrymator: I think I will get Elite before Repop although I still pretty happy in Archeage.
myikul: happy new year everyone
Silina: I hope you all have a very happy 2015! Miss you guys!
Darkanian: Since msot of us have Left 4 Dead 1 we should all have the Evolve beta.
Darkanian: You can pre load it today and play it starting friday
Darkanian: Since msot of us have Left 4 Dead 1 we should all have the Evolve beta.
Nebaf: Cool I'll check it out
oblan: played the tutorial of the monster... not sure if I like it. My mouse wasn't center locked and made it awkward to me.. Turned me off
Guest_4668: M$ brings us HOLOGRAMS: «link»
oblan: «link»
oblan: Sony online bought out
Olympus: hi vod
Mayge Stardrifter: greatest thing ever: «link»
Nebaf: LOL
Guest_1413: Unreal 4 is now free. «link»
Mis: The VA ventrilo server is down atm. They are working on it, but no vent for right now.
Ellvin: Hi guys, long time no talk. I hope everyone Is doing well. I was wondering If anyone plays on the BloodfinEMU? been playing there for the last few weeks and having lots of fun. If anyone does hit me up on my Toon Dagon. It would be awesome to play with some of you guys again. I have never been able to find another MMO I really love like old school SWG & I'm sure some of you feel the same hehe.


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