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Sabiancym: Best movie plot ever found. "A charismatic womanizer receives his comeuppance after his penis mysteriously leaves his body and takes human form."
Lachrymator: Hmm thats kind of a spin on a Neil Gaiman short story.
Lachrymator: Did anyone pick up Gauntlet yet?
athoc: we are east faction on naima
Sabiancym: Wait, ArcheAge? It's F2P right? What pay to win and money sinks are in it?
Sabiancym: This is major Sabian to ground control, I'm stepping in Vent. Am I'm talking in the most peculiar way. And Oblan looks very different, TODAYYYYYEYY.
Sabiancym: Just played archeage for a bit. Seems like it is really deep and complex.
Sabiancym: Seriously. Look into it guys. You can own land, own resource plots, charge/pay taxes. It's crazy.
Lachrymator: Sab you rolled on the wrong faction you noob.
Sabiancym: I thought you said east?
Sabiancym: As in east continent?
Sabiancym: I'm lost
Sabiancym: I'll probably play a lot tomorrow. So just let me know exactly which side here in chat. The one with the elves, or the one with the cat people. Later
Lachrymator: West
Lachrymator: with the elves.
Sabiancym: Ok. Athoc said "we are east faction on naima" up above.
Lachrymator: whatever nobody can seem to get togther and pick one side we can all play on so it doesn't really matter I guess.
Sabiancym: No I'll roll whatever most people are on. I'll reroll west.
Sabiancym: Anyone else interested in checking Archeage out?
Sabiancym: And yes, I am typing in pink from now on.
Sabiancym: Been in queue for over an hour now
oblan: i have been playing
Sabiancym: I wish I could get in and play. Queue way too long.
oblan: yeah... and it's every server
oblan: it blows
oblan: maybe green
oblan: i like it
oblan: it will stay
Sabiancym: Good luck getting green to stay. I have to set mine every time I close the page.
Sabiancym: Anyone going to be in vent tonight?
Lachrymator: prob ably if others are
Sabiancym: I'll probably jump in vent in a few minutes
Lachrymator: New Windows is 10 not 9 so it's probably gonna suck like the rest of the even numbered versions.
oblan: I plan on playing tonight if I can get in
oblan: Perfect
Sabiancym: Perfect


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