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Sabiancym: So Vanilla ice is playing in my hometown tonight.....hillarious.
myikul: That PayDay2 game is sometimes really hard when you are playing with the AI teammates lol
Azuma: sad news :( «link»
Lachrymator: Yeah apparently he was behind JTLS
ArsDigita: Streamers lack ethics! «link»
Lachrymator: Streamers and Youtubers are two different critters.
spazgod: hello all
Darkanian: Heyo Spaz
ikeewa: Hi spazgod! and hi azuma
spazgod: Anyone playing anything now adays?
Azuma: Hi Ike, stop paying $400 for Canadian jeans =P
Sabiancym: Could Malaysia Airlines have worse luck....jesus.
ikeewa: LOL i did azuma i haven't bought some of those in years! and spaz some of us play league, some play payday or diablo 3, a couple play the SWG emu
myikul: Hey Nebby if you were really interested in running your own SWG server in the future this guy madea great tool for any SWG server to extrapolate the resources from the server and add them to Galaxy Harvester. «link»
Nebaf: Very cool. Probably never going to setup my own server... when the official EMU server goes live I'll probably create a character on that
oblan: Good bye Teivu
myikul: This is terrible.
Lachrymator: Godspeed Teivu
myikul: I just read all of his wife's posts on facebook. The brain cancer was being treated with chemo but it wasnt working well and they had to move him to hospice because it wasnt going well and he passed on or around July 7th/8th.
myikul: Someone let Kaine know. He is going to be devastated...
Lachrymator: Brain cancer never ends well sorry to say.
valinar: I think we'll all miss him.
valinar: Not gone, merely marching far away...
Lachrymator: FU Comcast why can't you come fix something when the tech puts it in that it needs to be fixed why do I have to call back to get it done!!
Nebaf: I'm sure they'll get right on it: «link»
Nebaf: Be sure to join the Payday 2 Steam group if you haven't already: «link»
Lachrymator: Yeah they will fix the issue at some point better sooner rather then later.
Lachrymator: Sweet got an Archeage weekend invite.
Kaine: Did I read correctly that Teivu passed?
myikul: Teivu has passed away Kaine.
myikul: I am very sorry.
Kaine: man I was parying that didn't happen. I tried to contact him several times on facebook but he couldn't reply. I understand that considering the situations. Man I gamed with that guy everyday for 5 years in SWG. He taught me the game really and I was his wingman in pvp. He provided the ranged support and I provided the tanking...
Kaine: I remember we would sit for HOURS in the geo caves killing those stupid spiders to the poisons he needed for his CM tree on Teivu. We would just talka way about life and junk. He will really be missed...
Darkanian: Aye I sent you a few messages on Skype Kaine. Wasn't sure if you'd get em
Lachrymator: «link» Archeage beta keys get them while they are hot. I have a spare one too.
Lachrymator: Comcast will you fix your shit please.


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