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Lachrymator: Looks like someone forgot to pay the vent bill? Or maybe the hamster died?
Nebaf: Wow... friendly drunk Oblan... that might be a first. I have a hard time having any desire to play on that emu server again. Once I have more time I would consider playing on the official emu though. In the meantime I'm available for the occasional Payday 2 game
ArsDigita: vent has been on autopay for like 8 yrs, when it goes down its always on their end
Lachrymator: Wow looks like Bioware ripped off the secret world. Sad they can't even come up with their own ideas anymore.
ArsDigita: So the big Overkill news was today, Dark called aliens, i called Zombies, Dark owes me a reach around = "Overkills The Walking Dead" «link»
Nebaf: I was hoping for an awesome Payday 2 announcement since its the anniversary for the game... on reddit there was hints of zombie stuff leading up to it so I thought a zombie cop DLC or something lol
ArsDigita: We have had good luck on plating games from 'up and coming' studios, first Hi-Rez now Overkill, interesting
ArsDigita: Walking Dead is a rather huge ip to land
ArsDigita: may still be room in the zombie niche since I doubt Overkill will do anything versus
Nebaf: Yea they made a pretty unique game with Payday 2 so I'm actually excited
Nebaf: Valve source 2 engine is supposedly around the corner though so it'll be interesting how it comes with that
ArsDigita: I just wish they did vs :/
Nebaf: Yea they have a pretty good setup for it, all they'd have to do is tweak the damages for the specials so it's not over in 2 mins and they'd be good to go
Nebaf: I think they might not have pursued it because their synchronization is a bit off (I know we've had issues where guards/civilians are at completely different locations)
Nebaf: I've only been attempting to setup a website for 2 hours and I already want to punch a kitten
ArsDigita: I may know somebody that could help ;)
Guest_2098: no punching kittens! even lil' ol me has managed to set up a website, you can do it nebaf. if you fail, at least you can blame nebaf. :) i'm sorry to hear about teivu, even though i didn't know him that well. hope all is well with the rest of you! <3
Darkanian: OMG new forum post!1!!!!1
Nebaf: Don't worry Guest_2098 no kittens were harmed... I had a windows hosting package in case I wanted to do a .net site, switching to Linux fixed my problems
Lachrymator: Yeah baby!! «link»
Lachrymator: Heres another one «link»
Darkanian: Alright Friday the 22nd, L4D2 sound good?
Nebaf: Sure
oblan: «link»
oblan: just trolling iape
Iape: badly
oblan: i thought it was good
oblan: i will get back on.. not sure where the server will be on startup
Iape: k, ty
Sabiancym: Did I see L4D2 Friday? I miss you guys.
Sabiancym: In a totally heterosexual way of course. Except for Nebaf.
Darkanian: Yep, L4D2 this friday
Nebaf: Should I be worried?
Sabiancym: I haven't decided yet. Maybe. ;)
Guest_6844: I would play but Ars might be there and he will just make fun of Dayz more


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