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oblan: i have been playing
Sabiancym: I wish I could get in and play. Queue way too long.
oblan: yeah... and it's every server
oblan: it blows
oblan: maybe green
oblan: i like it
oblan: it will stay
Sabiancym: Good luck getting green to stay. I have to set mine every time I close the page.
Sabiancym: Anyone going to be in vent tonight?
Lachrymator: prob ably if others are
Sabiancym: I'll probably jump in vent in a few minutes
Lachrymator: New Windows is 10 not 9 so it's probably gonna suck like the rest of the even numbered versions.
oblan: I plan on playing tonight if I can get in
oblan: Perfect
Sabiancym: Perfect
Sabiancym: Crazy chart on communicable diseases in the U.S. «link»
Sabiancym: Shit it's October already? Did anyone remember to wake up Green Day?
Sabiancym: I'll be in vent tonight
Sabiancym: Anyone want to play POE with me? It's a perfect group game.
Sabiancym: Ok so the Payday 2 demo runs fine with a few tweaks. It's at like 50+ FPS. However, I'm getting some annoying mouse lag. Almost like Vsync or Mouse Smmothing/Acceleration is on, but it's not. Anyone else have this? I like my mouse in FPS games to be as close to Raw input as possible.
Nebaf: For me the mouse is super sensitive, never noticed any kind of lags. I have some issues aiming, but that's because my mouse is poop
Sabiancym: I've joined a path of exile guild. I'm officially hooked.
Guest_5625: Lol, Azuma, did you try the 12x xp yet? It's ridic.
Nebaf: 12x XP? WTH?
Nebaf: How bad is the update?
Guest_9644: Meh, I don't know how bad the update is but yeah.. 12x xp, tho it's only on class missions. Basically you JUST do the class mission and you level like crazy while not getting overleveled. Have to be a sub and buy the xpac tho.
Nebaf: A bunch of game are for free on steam for now (for 3 days) including Payday 2... Payday 2 is also 75% off
Sabiancym: I'm probably going to pick up payday 2. Just saw it on sale.
Sabiancym: I'll buy it tonight. I think I found a few tweaks to get it running ok. Will you guys be on tonight?
Sabiancym: K bought it. Installing now.
oblan: i will
Sabiancym: Ok, Payday runs fine with a few mods. Now you guys just have to teach me how to play.
oblan: When's the new rig coming in sabian?
Sabiancym: Looks like Monday afternoon.
oblan: Nice
Sabiancym: League world finals just started.


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