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Nebaf: A bunch of game are for free on steam for now (for 3 days) including Payday 2... Payday 2 is also 75% off
Sabiancym: I'm probably going to pick up payday 2. Just saw it on sale.
Sabiancym: I'll buy it tonight. I think I found a few tweaks to get it running ok. Will you guys be on tonight?
Sabiancym: K bought it. Installing now.
oblan: i will
Sabiancym: Ok, Payday runs fine with a few mods. Now you guys just have to teach me how to play.
oblan: When's the new rig coming in sabian?
Sabiancym: Looks like Monday afternoon.
oblan: Nice
Sabiancym: League world finals just started.
Nebaf: Holy shit: «link»
Sabiancym: Everything except the damn motherboard came in last night...and UPS says the motherboard is still in California.
Sabiancym: It's like ordering a real doll and getting everything except the pelvis section.
Nebaf: lmfao
Nebaf: That's gotta be frustrating though, can't even start putting anything together yet. When is it supposed to get there?
Guest_7079: He's lieing, he has all the parts, just too scared to turn it on.
Lachrymator: I find that sometimes ups lies on the website.
oblan: He is just afraid to turn it on... I haven't been in vent, so I couldn't walk him through it.
Lachrymator: So has anyone heard did he turn it on yet?
oblan: He died due to improper grounding. The static electricity discharge he received arced across his heart. He suffered before he finally passed on. He was found on his kitchen floor covered in his own body waste due to the shock causing his bowels to explode.
Sabiancym: You'd feel really bad if I was dead. Actually probably not.
Sabiancym: The MB came in today. I have a thing to go to tonight though.
Guest_7995: Male swingers party
Nebaf: Geez Oblan that was dark
Sabiancym: I thought it was funny. It's my birthday today, so I'll be robbing a bank in real life. I've got my cordless drill duct taped to a card board box. That should be enough to drill the vault.
Lachrymator: What mask are you going to wear?
Nebaf: haha RIP Sabiancym
Sabiancym: I'm covering my face in lemon juice so I'll be invisible to the cameras. «link»
Nebaf: LOL... I have a hard time believing someone could be that stupid though, wonder if its real
Lachrymator: Oh I bet its real.
Sabiancym: Building my PC atm with a pretty bad birthday hangover.
Nebaf: ruh roh
Nebaf: Don't forgot to plug in the power cable... also happy birthday
oblan: He is afraid to turn it on
Lachrymator: So Sab are you still staring at that power button or what?Turn that shit on already.
Nebaf: lmao


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