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ikeewa: aww thank you guys! appreciate it <3
ArsDigita: Go Lions!
Nebaf: 1. Lions are a bunch of slutbags
Nebaf: 2. OMG /drool: «link»
Nebaf: So it looks like for breaking the SATA barrier they have SSDs available for PCI slots now, didn't know that
oblan: Payday tonight?
Nebaf: Sure
Nebaf: When you going to be on?
Lachrymator: I'm down for a bit of Payday too
oblan: Probably like 9 is
oblan: Ars or Mayge
Nebaf: lawl: «link»
ArsDigita: Sarah Palin, ahh what could have been: «link»
ArsDigita: Please fucking kill me now, 2.5 BILLION for Minecraft....seriously, kill me
Lachrymator: Yup and they aren't even getting notch with it.
Lachrymator: appartently hes going to do "small web projects and if any start to get big hes going to abandon them"
Sabiancym: So a fairly simple game that's all about sandbox play goes for $2.5 billion.....but SOE told me gamers were too stupid to create their own entertainment if given the tools.....
Lachrymator: Then they saw Minecraft stole the idea and released Landmark.
ArsDigita: SWG II by Wiblet, stay tuned....
Lachrymator: Until the cease and desist shows up :)
Sabiancym: I hooked up my old NES to an old CRT TV my parents had and have been hooked for a week. Super Dodge Ball FTW.
ArsDigita: Great game i forgot about!
ArsDigita: There was a NeoGeo game with frisbees that was almost as epic as SDB
ArsDigita: I get insta cramps when I try to play the NES for more then 15mins nowadays :(
Sabiancym: Was that the game where it was 1v1 frisbee and you had to just throw it past the other player or throw it in a way they couldn't catch it?
Sabiancym: It was Arcade style.
ArsDigita: yes
ArsDigita: «link» 'Windjammers'
Sabiancym: Haha yes.
Sabiancym: Starting a VOD League team. Doesn't matter what rank you are, we're going to play for fun. I'm gold at the moment and can play anything. Let me know if anyone is interested.
oblan: I would be willing to give LOL another shot
Sabiancym: I added ya Oblan.
Sabiancym: I'll be on tonight if anyone wants to play league.
oblan: I will be on in a bit. Playing from my laptop while house sitting my parents house
Sabiancym: I am awake at 4:00 am to watch some people I don't know play a game I like half way across the world.
oblan: Lame


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