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vod-seraphim: Here is a photo from my set playing my first big party. Instagram is atman314. «link»
vod-seraphim: Here is the live recording of that set if anyone is interested lol. «link»
vod-seraphim: If anyone would like to keep in touch on Facebook. «link»
vod-seraphim: things are going very well for me as a new dj, and I'm starting to produce my own music atm. I miss hanging out with everyone but I have less and less time available to me. Hope you are all doing well!
vod-seraphim: Btw I am the one on the right in the pic lol
Sabiancym: Nice to hear. That $100 is in bi-yearly installments starting next year btw. Make some mixes with loud guitars, drums, and freddie mercury and I'm in.
vod-seraphim: You live in Chi town the birthplace of house music and you want Freddie Mercury... I shall use that money to buy you some music on I tunes lol
vod-seraphim: i may actually be coming up to Chicago soon to visit the smart Bar for the first time. I was very close to owing to Detroit this past weekend for the techno movement festival
Sabiancym: I had no idea it was the birthplace of house music. Way more widely associated with Blues though. Whatever, I'm just messing with ya. I have no idea what the smart bar is.
vod-seraphim: Lol all good. The smart bar is kinda of a Mecca for well known dis lots of talent there every weekened
Sabiancym: Blackhawks > Red Wings. That is all.
Guest_8410: Just wished to express I am just relieved that i stumbled upon your webpage.

Sabiancym: How is everyone? You there Ars? Nebaf? Oblan? Marcinko?
Guest_3156: Poszukuje opinii o tabletkach na odchudzanie Slimcea.
Ponoć bardzo skuteczne. Macie jakieś opinie na ich temat ?

Guest_6091: Hello,Do you need webdesigner ? its my site

Guest_6615: Passion the website-- extremely user friendly and lots to see!

Guest_7689: Thank you for sharing this great site.

Sabiancym: I'm on some crazy delerients right now. Typing is hard.
oblan: I bet
Guest_3033: What games are ppl playing latly? -zipper
ikeewa: Me and lad been playing some dirty bomb I see dark play ARK a lot, Ars is making games and I see huma and Izetho playing League from time to time I dunno about anyone else though.
Marcinko: Was addicted to ARK but its become the same as other games, kind of a one shot pony. You either farm all day, get raided offline or you spend hours to lose to stuff to people on birds glitching through walls. Hackers/exploiters ruin it all and it becomes another game collecting dust as you move to the next one
Marcinko: Sabian how have you been? Maybe we should all play a game together sometime
Lachrymator: Wow Smed stepped down «link»
Sabiancym: I'm not doing much Marcinko. I'd be down for playing something.
Sabiancym: Everyone get in vent. I want to hang out.
Sabiancym: I'm giving $50 paypal to everyone who gets in vent in the next 30 minutes.
Huma: Ars if you ever see this, ping me on steam
Guest_2939: «link»
Sabiancym: Someone pm me on steam.
Sabiancym: Anyone up for a game night some time soon? L4D? CoH?
Sabiancym: I swear I used to be good at games. Now I just regularly get destroyed by 16 year olds who spell every other word they type incorrectly.
Sabiancym: I'm trying to watch The International 2015. It may as well be in Aramaic. I have no clue what's going on.
Guest_1962: «link»
Sabiancym: I realize that this shoutbox has become my own personal journal at this point, but I'll be in vent tonight if anyone wants to hang out.
Sabiancym: That video of the on-air shooting of the reporters is absolutely terrifying. Pro gun organizations are already commenting on it and spouting bullshit. They should just shut the hell up, the bodies aren't even cold yet.


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