Fix the power consumption and more

1 year 2 weeks ago #1 by jesseylee
The release of the HD 5800 series brought a couple of new technology innovations with it. The ATI Eyefinity is a technology which enables one single card to support up to 6 monitors. ATI Stream enables GPU accelerated calculations. However, the most important update is the support for DirectX 11 which in itself incorporates full support of Windows 7.
The card comes in a nice looking card board box with loads of aggressive printing on it. As is customary with graphics cards, ASUS pushes a lot on the over clocking tools. Also, the When I opened the box, I almost got a little Apple feeling for a moment when I saw the black cover with the Asus logo in gold. My first impression was that it really looks powerful with its red and black finish. The card faithfully follows the AMD reference card in all aspects. This is a big card, the length is 240 mm and it takes up two slots.
The front of the card holds two 6 pin PCIe connectors which would theoretically provide 150W to the card. Although I wanted to take the cooler off and have a closer look at the PCB I decided to let go of that intention since I would have to loosen a multitude of screws and it was impossible to remove only the housing without also clearing the cooler itself, which felt a little too risky.

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