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Welcome to VoD's 2017 website!

Yes, I broke it again.

In doomsday preparation I was going over bills and charges and realized I had one I was not aware of for my server to run an outdated version of php.
The VoD site was the one using it, being carried over the last time the site was whipped making the php 4yrs old, ouch.

As any InfoSec novice knows this was bad and needed to be changed and it will save me a few shekels.

Maintaining the site for all these years I feel a responsibility to everyone and their content.
I have created a generic 'VoD' act as a member of this site for uploading content I can not attribute or for people I can not personally reach out to in a timely fashion.

I have placeholders scattered about, i will be cleaning those up and fixing some annoying css color variants that are hiding from me.
The site has multiple layers of bootstrap, annoying to track down what is control when.

To do list:
Frontpage mini-gallery needs to be mixed, currently its sshots from me.

Additional VoD Resources

Discord VoD Voice Coms: [url]#[/url]

Follow VoD on Twitter: [url]#[/url]

Follow VoD on Facebook: [url]#[/url]
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