pandora bracelets and charms

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pandora sale on charms originate from in Gemopolis, Thailand, where around 10,000 skilled artisans are employed. Gemopolis itself is a modern, hi-tech 5-storey building incorporating over 145 areas specialising in high-end jewellery, fashion and electronics.

It would be easy to think that pandora bracelets and charms charms are manufactured on a conveyor belt system, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, each charm is hand finished and may pass through more than 20 hands during the process. This meticulous operation involves soldering pieces together, setting gemstones, oxidising and polishing; which is all done by hand!

The pandora bracelet charms on sale feature a unique inner thread which allows them to slide onto a PANDORA bracelet smoothly without damaging the bracelet. When you’re adding to your collection, you may prefer to choose charms which fit closely onto the bracelet, giving more of a streamlined appearance.

This prevents the pandora bracelet charms rose gold from getting in the way, if you’re typing, for instance. Alternatively, you can mix things up by adding some dangle charms and pretty Murano glass beads to bring a touch of colour and drama to your bracelet.


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